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5 ways to ease into the new hybrid way of working

Why hybrid working is here to stay … and what that means for internal communicators

Webinar reveals our Helen and Clare’s ideas to equip us for a new way of working.

Covid-19 took a lump-hammer to the way we work. It forced us to sift through the pieces, pick out the gems, and rearrange them into a whole new way of operating.

For many of us, the genie is out of the bottle. We’ve had a taste of homeworking and flexible hours, and we want to keep it this way. Yet, some of us are yearning for the office, with just occasional days working online.

What’s emerged is a hybrid model. But are our organisations really ready to make it work?

In this webinar, our Helen and Clare shared practical implications of working life after Covid in your organisation, revealing ideas to help give new working models the best chances of success.

They explore the role – both symbolic and practical – of the traditional workplace, and the shift from a traditional supervisory model to one of autonomy and trust.

And they present five big-picture ideas for getting the best out of hybrid working, including changing the language around working at home, focusing on wellbeing, and ways to maintain a culture and a sense of belonging in a newly dispersed workplace.

This webinar recording will be useful to anyone who: 

• is responsible for employee communication or engagement 
• has a departmental or team leadership role 
• works in a professional HR capacity 
• wants to learn more about how we can make flexible and remote working a worthy reality. 

So grab yourself a cuppa, settle in, and check out the recording of the event below.

Let’s make working better.

Now it’s your turn to go and share these insights and knowledge with your team – to help give new working models the best chance of success. Need any support or advice?

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Christine Jarvis

Words, numbers, music, pictures, peculiar noises ... every sentient creature has a variety of ways to communicate, but it's probably only we humans who call it delivering strategic messages to our target audience. I arrived at H&H after spending donkeys' years ricocheting between journalism and PR, plus a more recent adventure in research and data analysis. (Even Excel formulae are a mode of communication. Really!) I'm one of the creative copywriters here, and, like my teammates, I stick my oar into the wider creative process as we put our heads together to dream up punchy phrases and sparkling concepts.