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Helen - Managing Director

If I can survive 36 hours trapped in my car on the M74 during a snowstorm, I can survive anything.

I’m one of the Hs in H&H, and while Hannah keeps the creative ship afloat, I have one eye on the horizon making sure we’re always sailing in the right direction. But that’s enough boat analogies for now. I guess you could say I’m a navigator (ok...maybe one more), motivator and facilitator – so lots of variety, which I love. From marketing and brand management, to leadership development and coaching, to becoming an NLP master – I’ve definitely got lots of feathers in my cap! It’s my personal mission to remove unnecessary politics from the workplace, a pet hate (along with the words ‘journey’ and ‘solution’!) I love when everyone pulls together on a project and you can feel the comradery in the room, even when things get a bit hectic! When I’m not burning the candle at H&H, you can find me trotting about (I recently won my first rosette at a dressage competition!) or eating scrambled eggs with Eamon Holmes (okay, that was only one time).


Hannah - Creative Director

I accidentally marched up to Roy Lichtenstein (of Pop Art fame) and asked why he could take photos of his work when I couldn’t. I’m still cringing…

That happened during a round-the-world trip in ’94 after finishing my art and media studies. With my life in a rucksack I travelled clockwise around the globe, sparking a lifelong passion for experiencing new places and different cultures. I knew at the age of seven that my career was in art – I reckon my mum spotted that too as the house was covered in doodles. But it was at in a youth hostel in Hong Kong when I met two talented designers, whose work inspired me so much, that I realised graphic design was my true calling. And I’ve never looked back! Over the years my passion has extended well beyond designing, into strategy and the theory behind communications. Understanding how powerful it can be in making people feel connected and engaged. The world of IC, particularly around change, can be complex and challenging, but I absolutely thrive in it. I love leading and inspiring our team of creatives, strategists and psychologists to be innovative and original. And when times get tough I can de-stress by making beautiful sparkly creations, thanks to my qualification in silver jewellery making.


Jane - Head of Creative

I love the natural world, and I’d love to create my own huge personal forest to live in.

I come from a background in interior design, and I’m really interested in style, design and structure. As Head of Creative I put my heart into making sure our creative projects have a real edge, and that our designers are happy and producing their best work for our clients… even if it takes baking them ‘medals’ so they do their timesheets! I’ve been described as a ball of energy fulled by coffee, and I’d say that’s fairly accurate! Give me a challenging project and I’ll find a way to breathe fresh, creative life into it. I’m always knee-deep in scribbles and flipchart paper (my notebook is illegible to anyone but me). I also love getting to know our clients – building good relationships is a huge perk of the job. But the biggest love of my life is my labradoodle, Maya. She’s part of the H&H family too – she even has her own desk!


Kirsty - Project Manager

I’d love to visit Australia, and keep my own donkey…

I’m usually found surrounded by hectic schedules and cups of tea, making sure we deliver all our projects on time and keep our clients smiling. I’m friendly and approachable (so people say!) which has served me well in my 12 years in customer service. I’ve just finished my MBA, which combined English and Business Studies – I’m a bit of a language nerd (quite fitting for a communications agency). When I’ve got some free time on my hands, I love seeing my friends and keeping up with exercise at weekly classes. It can be rather gruelling at times!


Clare - Head of Consultancy and Learning

I have a BIG weakness for chocolate, dark in particular…

I’m a bit of an architect – building programmes from the foundations up and making sure they’re structurally sound. This is how we get results that make our clients smile (definitely the best part of the job!). I’m at my best when I’m thinking strategically, and internal comms and employee engagement is definitely a passion – I’ve had a long, eclectic career in the field to prove it! What could be better than helping people be more engaged and positive at work? At some point in my life, I’d love to own a cocoa plantation – mainly so I could have all the dark chocolate I wanted right at my fingertips!


Nicola - PRINT® Consultant

I’m H&H’s resident actress, and I’ve even been known to dabble in a bit of Shakespeare!

I guess you could say I’m our brainbox for all things PRINT, and helping people grow and develop to fulfil their potential makes me ridiculously happy. I’m a Master Coach, Trainer and NLP practitioner and I love using my skills to facilitating learning and awareness with PRINT. I’ve delivered countless PRINT programmes for our clients, and have accredited quite a number of specialist coaches. I love succeeding, and I’m incredibly proud to have kept PRINT in the spotlight – bringing huge advantages to all kinds of organisations. Outside of work, you can usually find me with my trowel, growing beets, parsnips, garlic and many other veggies on my home allotment. I also keep 4 chickens – Glitzy, Eta, Beyoncé, and Nina.


Joe - Digital Creative

I can usually be found twiddling synthesisers, with a cuppa.

I have a passion for digital technology and design, and being able to create awesome animations and designs for our clients is what makes coming into work so much fun. Hunting for ways to expand our digital horizons also keeps me busy – staying ahead of the game means we always deliver the ‘wow’ factor for clients (we’ve made clients cry twice with happiness – I’m not kidding). Outside of work, I’m in an experimental electronic jazz group called Squarewaves. Our weirdest gig was in a yurt, straight after a ‘gong bath*’. (*google it..)


Lewis - Illustrative Designer

Give me some fizzy watermelon slices or skittles and I will be your best friend.

Coming from a background in illustration I’m told my drawings and designs have set the bar high for the rest of the creative team (a snail with a big wrinkly forehead was a particular favourite!). I try and pack my illustrations with genuine character and personality to communicate concepts – sometimes an image is more powerful than words. Every day is interesting and fun, and I’ve got really high standards for myself to make sure I’m always improving. In my spare time, you’ll find me swirling about doing ballroom and Latin dancing. I have my gold medals in sight...


Laura - Head of Client Experience

I’m a proud mum of two youngsters, so I’m the office gospel on all things CBeebies…

I’m on a personal mission to get people properly engaged in the workplace, and I’ve definitely found my calling in internal comms! Connecting people through the power of effective communication is something I’m hugely passionate about. Meeting comms challenges head-on and overcoming them is probably what I enjoy the most about working here – it’s safe to say I like getting things done! It’s great to be able to see the bigger picture of internal comms from all angles – something I’ve had tons of experience in – to find the best IC strategies for our clients and ensure they always pay off. When I’m not playing with my kids, you’ll likely find me playing several musical instruments (though probably not at the same time!). I’m a master of the piano, double bass, and clarinet.


Della - Business Manager

I love travelling – you can’t beat the spectacular Grand Canyon!

Having spent 20 years ‘darn sarf’ in London, I couldn’t resist returning to my native East Yorkshire to become a part of the H&H family – and I’ve loved every minute of it. I keep our cogs whirring like clockwork so our clients never miss out, from finance to accounts to HR – I’m at my best when I’m super busy! I’m a bit of a magpie for beautiful things; I buy and sell designer goods (handbags being a personal favourite). At some point in the future I’d love to return to the States and explore more of what it has to offer.


Rosie - Creative Designer

I wish the VAST amount of cake in the office was vegan… it tests my commitment on a daily basis.

I feel so lucky that I get to be creative every day at work – something not to be taken for granted. Putting my passion for great design into results that impress and inspire our clients (and put smiles on their faces) encourages me to constantly improve. I guess my biggest achievement so far has been putting us on the shortlist for some of the IC world’s biggest design awards – as well as recently being shortlisted for an award myself! Having the creative freedom to experiment and find the perfect visual look to bring brands and messages to life is better than a bag of Hula Hoops… and I really love Hula Hoops. Outside the office, I’m usually seeing friends or going to gigs, and drinking delicious gin.


Anne - Research Consultant

My favourite cure for a bad day is to knock the living daylights out of a lump of dough!

I’ve been a researcher for nigh on 20 years, and still love the excitement of exploring below the surface to really understand what’s going on in people’s minds. We often don’t say what we mean, or mean what we say, and I find it fascinating to uncover the secrets hiding behind our behaviour. I like to consider myself an expert in figuring these secrets out, and discovering what they mean for our clients. And when I’m not unlocking the treasure buried in our heads, I love growing my own veg, going on country walks, and if you hadn’t already guessed… baking bread.


Kristian - Head of Brand and Marketing

Give me vinyl over digital any day…

Coming from an eclectic background in creative design, it’s great that I can now put those skills to good use in maintaining and building upon H&H’s strong brand presence (I guess you could say that I’m the keeper of the brand keys!). I oversee strategic and creative campaigns to introduce H&H to new folk, to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the hard graft that goes on here every day. When I’m not burning the proverbial oil in the office, I’m avoiding stepping on my kid’s Lego bricks (I seriously don’t know how they got so many) or listening to David Bowie or Pearl Jam… on vinyl, of course.


Luke - Product Development Coordinator

If I’m not talking about bikes, I’m thinking about food… or vice versa.

My background is in product design, so I coordinate our product development, advancing ideas for new products which I hope will revolutionise the IC community. I need to know the ‘why’ behind our creative ideas, to make sure we scratch the itches that plague so many IC professionals by providing realistic answers to common problems. I’ve been know to eat my lunch at 10am... seriously, I’m always hungry. Luckily, I’m really active to balance it out – if I’m not cycling, I’m snowboarding, climbing or running, or doing pretty much any sport you can think of. I’ve got my eyes on an ‘Iron Man’ challenge this year!


Michelle - Office Manager

Guinea pigs are underrated – and I’m hoping to one day adopt a Parson Russell Terrier (I’d call it Stan)

I’m the woman for all H&H’s administrative needs, so I make sure the whole team always has what they need (all hell breaks lose if we run out of coffee pods…). Efficiency is a big personal value of mine – I get things done! It’s important to me to keep the day-to-day running of the business together like cement. I love animals, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and I also proudly volunteer at the Hull Animal Welfare Centre – in-between spending time with my guinea pig, Hamish!


Leoni - HR Specialist Consultant

I recently embraced my artistic side and learned to paint with watercolours – and I like to consider myself quite a dab hand with cakes and bakes!

I’m a HR specialist and one of our associate coaches, well-versed in both NLP and PRINT. I’ve had a desire to help people thrive in the workplace for many years, and I’m a passionate Facilitator and Consultant, helping out with some of our PRINT coaching and accreditation. My extensive knowledge of key HR issues lends itself well to H&H’s day-to-day grafting. I fancy myself a bit of a tech whizz (the Microsoft Paperclip reincarnate!) and started to work towards obtaining a pilot’s license – I’ll get back to it one day…


Michael - Marketing Coordinator

My lifelong ambition is to play the role of The Doctor in Doctor Who…

From devising creative marketing strategies to writing blogs, Weekly Ketchups and social media content – I make sure we inspire people to think differently about the world of work. I revel in finding the hidden gem contained within every idea and turning it into something accessible, stimulating and uniquely thought-provoking. I’ve also got a (very) keen eye for grammatical and linguistic accuracy – no written errors escape my vigilant gaze! I enjoy making short films, avoiding doing the gardening, and obsessively watching Doctor Who with my lovely cat Rita.


Colin - Poser

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool...

H&H are intruders on my patch at Hesslewood. I’ve tried for years to get rid of them by screeching and flaring my tail-feathers, but walking out in front of their cars is a particular joy of mine. I also occasionally like (secretly) popping in to see the team at work (I once smashed through a window…)


Matt - Associate Designer

Leeds-based, but I’ve been part of the H&H family since the beginning…

I’m one of H&H’s associate designers, so when they need an extra pair of hands for illustration or concept work, I’m their man. I love both Print and Digital media, and I’ve worked on all kinds of projects, from ‘live drawing’ events at festivals to developing a CBeebies interactive storybook app for the BBC and retail display work for Adidas. I’m always painting or drawing, or creating gig posters for bands all over the country.


Jan - Associate Trainer

Life is good – I make it that way…

I’m H&H’s specialist trainer and facilitator, designing and delivering bespoke programmes in skill development and leadership. As a certified NLP trainer, I delight in supporting companies to create their own models of excellence. I’m also resident trainer in accreditation for PRINT, which I love. My passion for my work comes from an extensive experience across cultures and continents, and I like to blend the tried and tested with innovation. I’m well-published, professionally and in fiction, and The University of Lincoln kindly rewards my contribution to the coaching and training field with a Visiting Senior Fellowship. Portugal is my second home, where I can often be found walking the clifftops with friends and family, relaxing with my nose in a good book or doing yin yoga by the beach.


What makes us different

"Just wanted to say another big thank you on the Smile rebrand and to show you and your team what great developments it's helping us with. We have a very bright future and a great story to communicate."

Andy Barber, Smile Director

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IoIC Awards 2017

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CIPR Awards 2017

Best IC Campaign

Best Internal Communications Campaign winner for KCOM Brand Merger

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CIPR Awards 2017

Best Agency H/C

Best Agency Highly Commended – CIPR Awards 2017

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IoIC Awards 2017

Best Campaign Aw/Ex

Best Campaign Award of Excellence – IoIC Central and North Awards 2017

KCOM Brand Merger

Best Campaign Aw/Ex

IoIC Awards 2017

Best Campaign Aw/Ex

Best Campaign Award of Excellence – IoIC Central and North Awards 2017
Anglo American Global Safety Day

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IoIC Awards 2017

Design Aw/Ex

Skills – Design Award of Excellence – IoIC Central and North Awards 2017


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CIPR Inside Awards 2015

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CIPR Inside Awards 2014

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IoIC Awards 2014

Best UK Agency

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CIPR Awards 2014

IC Campaign GOLD

Internal Communications Campaign GOLD – CIPR PRIDE Awards 2014


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IoIC Awards 2014

Best Corporate Comms Aw/Ex

Best Corporate Communications Award of Excellence – IoIC Awards 2014

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CIPR Awards 2013

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Melcrum SCM 2012

Agency of the Year S/L

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Melcrum SCM 2012

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