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Research and Insight

Finding out what’s happening

Not sure where to start? Our experienced researchers have decades of experience in getting to the heart of the information you need to create powerfully insightful research projects. We’ve designed and implemented surveys built on a range of different research methods - from traditional paper-based surveys to rapid-response online tools to live-action public votes.

Already conducted an employee survey? We’ll work with you to deeply understand the findings and identify the best way to move your organisation forward.

Finding out what's happening
Online Digital Surveys
Online / Digital Surveys
Traditional & paper based
Traditional & paper based
Conversations / phone
Conversations / phone
Live action public votes
Live action public votes

Sharing the results

Whether your results are brilliant or show a room for improvement, we’ll find the best way to communicate the results constructively - from printed reports to facilitated conversations to interactive landscapes to bespoke games.

Change programmes

One thing that's certain in business is that there will always be change - but its not always easy to get everyone to adapt quickly to the change.

Using our understanding of change theory and the psychological reasons for resistance we develop programmes that can generate a real enthusiasm and commitment to adapt behaviours.

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