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Employee Engagement

An employee's most important relationship at work is with their line manager...

...and yet four in ten of us rate our own line manager as ineffective. Sixty per cent of us feel our managers treat us like organisational assets, not people. And only three in a hundred of us believe our managers treat us like we're a key part of the organisation. Let's change that.

Manager Engagement
Executive Decision

Executive Decision

Inspiring managers about Employee Engagement

We human beings are a competitive lot, and there's compelling evidence that we get more involved at every level when we're invited to take part in a game rather than just sit back and be talked to. That's why we created Executive Decision – a game-based seminar using real-life case studies which invites delegates to pit their wits against industry leaders – and which gets everyone thinking differently about what Employee Engagement really means.

What they said:

"Executive Decision was BizWeek's hidden gem"

– Hull BizWeek team

"I'm a firm believer in learning by doing and by having fun, and it really ticked those boxes for me"

– Neil Cavill, nPower

Why it matters

Senior Manager Statistics

93% of senior managers responsible for recruitment and development say that skills deficiencies amongst their managers are reducing their ability to achieve their goals

Employee Engagement Statistics

80% of the extent to which an employee is engaged is driven by the relationship they have with their line manager

More skills to offer


of employees say they have more to offer in skills and talent than they are currently being asked to demonstrate at work

ABP Manager Resource Website


Manager resource package

We combined learning theory, branding insight and a clean, simple design for our Manager Resource package. The combination of online and offline materials gives ABP managers the skills and knowledge they need to give their teams great support and inspiring leadership.

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