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Want to stand out? Be outstanding

Our Creative Director Hannah has given us all a clear mission brief: take the boring out of Internal Comms.



Graduate recruitment

We caught the attention of the business world’s brightest new graduates with a combination of augmented-reality materials and a provocative headline.


Attendance at recruitment events

Total number of applications



Kinetic infographic

We’ve made a bit of a specialty out of our bright, engaging infographics. We use concise text, clean graphics and strong visual relationships to capture large amounts of complex information in a simple and intuitive format.

Love infographics?

We've created a whole host of infographics from vision landscapes and strategic plans to maps of food and culture.

See some more infographics here.


KCOM Group

Office wall graphics

The visual inspiration for these striking office graphics comes from another KCOM Group project – a rich-picture landscape sharing the CEO’s key messages with the wider company. Ambient and workplace campaigns are a great way to bring impact to company messages. To increase the visual interest, the design is complex, intricate and crammed with Easter-eggs.



Values Man

"Values Man" is one part of a wider campaign to bring the Arco company values to life. A sincere "thank you" has been consistently proven to be the single most valuable form of workplace recognition. Colleagues publicly recognise each other for outstanding values-driven behaviour – creating a peer-led recognition programme that puts a smile on everyone’s face.



Brand story graphics

Using the KC Brand Story animation, we created wall graphics that helped generate pride and remind employees that KC truly are are at the heart of local life.

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