Useful Resources

We're nothing if not generous here at H&H, and as much as we love putting these useful internal communications and employee engagement resources and tools together  we love giving them to you even more. And all without a price tag!

Made up of eye-opening current industry data and our own original research, our IC Field Guides are comprehensive reference banks that give you a deeper insight into the world of IC and EE. And our employee engagement Conversation Cards enable you to have more in-depth, genuine conversations with your team to gain a better understanding of the level of engagement within your organisation.

You can download them all below, although to get the most out of our resources we'd recommend getting your hands on gorgeous printed copies to pass around to your colleagues. Email us your name and address to and we'll load up our trusty pigeon and get these out to you.

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To download our resources please tell us your name and email address. It’s always nice to know who we’re talking to