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All wrapped up: is it time to combat workplace posture problems?

Posted on 15th March 2017 | Blog

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Have you been sitting down for a while? The chances are that like many of us in today’s working environment you have. And perhaps now you’ve thought about it, maybe you’ll notice that you have some stiffness or ache somewhere in your body. If so, don’t bother adjusting your posture or chair, or getting up to walk around for a little while.

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(Don’t) let them eat cake: should cake be banned in the workplace?

Posted on 5th March 2017 | Blog


Earlier this week, many of us took out our frying pans, lemons and sugar to celebrate Pancake Day and practice our pancake-tossing skills (and hopefully not drop any on the floor, or worse, get them stuck to the ceiling). This annual ritual sees us collectively consuming 55 million eggs (that’s 22 million more than on any other day), almost 13 million kilos of flour, and enough milk to fill over 93 Olympic pools!

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Ancient knights and medieval money: why we shouldn’t give up on our brilliant ideas

Posted on 5th March 2017 | Blog


To many of us, the idea of medieval knights of old conjures up images of a far-gone Golden Age where gracious courtly romance, sacred spiritual morality and gallant adventure ruled the day, and ancient wizards with long white beards dwelled beside bejewelled warrior kings.

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Hello, I’m a robot: how technology is changing remote working

Posted on 3rd March 2017 | Blog

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We’re sure you’ve heard of Siri. Familiar with Sat-Nav. You’ve probably even heard mention of Pokémon Go. But what you probably haven’t heard much about is the ability to transplant your head onto the body of a robot, so that you can literally roll around on wheels.

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Coffee: the key to creativity?

Posted on 2nd March 2017 | Blog


Did you have a cup of coffee when you arrived at work this morning? Hands up if you did. On second thoughts, don’t actually put your hands up – you might attract some funny looks – but we can give a pretty good guess.

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