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Loco for cocoa: how chocolate can make you more productive

Posted on 14th April 2017 | Blog


Yes, today marks the start of the Easter weekend, and aside from being a religious holiday it’s also the time of year when chocolate Easter eggs come out of hibernation to tempt the taste buds of children everywhere (and the occasional hankering adult’s too).

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Wear a wristband, change your mood: could we benefit from the workplace of wearable tech?

Posted on 7th April 2017 | Blog

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In 1876, we got the telephone. In 1971, the first PC was born. In 2007, the iPhone began its world domination. And now, it seems the next phase of digital evolution is upon us – and it’s gone one step further.

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Office dogs: how your pets can make you more productive

Posted on 31st March 2017 | Blog

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This week, we discovered the intriguing news that craft brewing company BrewDog is implementing a ‘paw-rental leave’ policy – whereby employees welcoming new four-legged companions into their homes get a week’s full-paid leave, to help their new furry friends settle in stress-free.

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Positive pessimism: should we lower our expectations to be happier?

Posted on 24th March 2017 | Blog


It seems congratulations are in order for our Scandinavian friends in Norway – which has been named the World’s Happiest Country in this year’s World Happiness Report! Gratulerer, Norway! (in case you’re wondering, us Brits are trailing a bit behind at 19th).

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Interrupted interview: why you should always expect the unexpected

Posted on 22nd March 2017 | Blog

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Last week, the media world was graced with another adorably wonderful ‘live TV gone-wrong’ moment to add to the history books. We’re certainly not short of them – from the recent Oscars embarrassment when the wrong film was mistakenly named ‘Best Picture’, to that time when unsuspecting BBC job interviewee Guy Noma was erroneously dragged into the wrong interview to talk about an issue he knew nothing about all the way back in 2006.

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