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Who Murdered Time?: Our Humber Business Week event took people on an investigation into why workplace meetings cost businesses £28 billion a year

Posted on 14th June 2018 | Blog

The cast of suspects in our 'Who Murdered Time?' Humber Business Week 2018 event

Our L&D Specialist and Special Investigator Kay takes you on a tour of our Humber Biz Week 2018 event in Hull to reveal Who Murdered Time in our workplaces…

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Listen up: 10 ways to listen better to employees

Posted on 6th June 2018 | Blog

An ear surrounded by geometric arrows demonstrating the importance of listening in internal communications, accompanied by the text 'Listen Up! (by Saskia Jones)'

Award-winning internal communications expert Saskia Jones returns to the H&H blog with some handy tips to help you listen better to employees, so you can ensure that your internal comms campaigns really hit the mark.

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Once upon a time… communicating the story of change

Posted on 24th May 2018 | Blog

Communicating the story of change - a frog sitting on a lily pad with the text 'Once upon a change'

Internal communications and copywriter extraordinaire Ellie Buckingham joins the H&H blog to explore the power and potential of storytelling during organisational change - and imparts some helpful tips on engaging the bottom line in making change a success.

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7 essential internal comms best practices every internal communicator needs to know

Posted on 10th May 2018 | Blog

Fingers displaying the number 7, representing the 7 internal comms best practices every internal communicator needs to know

We get back to basics and explore 7 essential internal communications best practices - so you can be fully clued-up on how to create comms that deliver that all-important WOW! factor.

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The Magic Comms Wand – how internal comms teams can really add value to your business

Posted on 26th April 2018 | Blog

A magician with a magic comms wand accompanied by the text 'Adbracadabra internal comms', implying that internal comms teams all come equipped with a magic wand

Our IC Consultant, the lovely Danae, debunks the myth of the Magic Comms Wand once and for all – and reveals some all-too-common missteps you may be guilty of that will prevent your internal comms team from adding true value to your business.

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